Adding a New Email Address

To add a new email address to your domain:

  1. Navigate to and enter your administrative email address and password
  2. Click the Settings icon
    Settings example
  3. Expand the Domain Settings folder
  4. Click Users
  5. Click New in the content pane toolbar

  6. In the Username field, type the desired username.  This is the part of the email address before the @ symbol, i.e.
  7. In the Password and Confirm Password fields,   Be sure to type the same password each time.  If you make a mistake, the Confirm Password field will turn red.  Please review our email password policy for a list of password requirements and recommendations.
  8. In the Display Name field, type the name of the user, i.e. John Smith
  9. Choose the user’s resident time zone
  10. Enter a Backup Email Address for the user.  This is used in case the user forgets his or her password.  A password reset link is sent to this email address.  This is not required, though it is recommended
  11. Click Save in the content toolbar at the top of  the pane.  Your new user should now appear in the user list

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