Setting Up an Autoresponder

Autoresponders can be used for vacation messages, or even if you just need to provide an instant reply to an incoming email.

To set up an autoresponder:

  1. Visit
  2. Log on with your full email address and password
  3. Click the Settings icon

  4. Click the Auto-Responder option

  5. Choose which basic options you will need

    Enable auto-responder: Enables the auto-responder functionality
    Disable responses to indirect email: This prevents responses to messages not sent to you directly (i.e. if you aren't in the To: line and this is checked, a response won't be sent
    Limit responses to once daily: Auto-responses only get sent to an email address once a day if this is checked.  If left unchecked, auto-responses will be sent to all new mail

  6. Click the Message tab.  This will only be available if the Enable auto-responder box, above, is checked.

  7. Give the email a subject

  8. Configure the start and end dates for the auto-responder.  If you want the auto-responder to start immediately and continue indefinitely, clear the Enable active date range checkbox

  9. Compose the body of the message.  You can format it and include links or other options.

  10. Click the Save button.  Don't forget to log out when you are done.

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